Tugas Sekolah

Tugas sekolah yang berisi tentang materi pembelajaran bahasa inggris berisi tentang :

Materi speaking bahasa Inggris SMA ini adalah kumpulan materi wajib pelajaran bahasa Inggris di tingkat SMA. Baik itu kelas 10, 11, atau 12. Dalam pelajaran bahasa Inggris, siswa biasanya ditugaskan untuk memahami berbagaiexpression (ungkapan) sehari-hari.

Tujuan mempelajari speaking tentu agar siswa bisa lancar berbicara bahasa Inggris, khususnya dialog yang sering terjadi setiap hari. Untuk mempermudah mempelajari urutan materi speaking tersebut, mari kita kumpulkan berbagai materi speaking & conversation yang sering diajarkan di sekolah tingkat menengah atas di bawah ini:
·                     MATERI BAHASA INGGRIS SMA KELAS 10
·                     MATERI BAHASA INGGRIS SMA KELAS 11
·                     MATERI BAHASA INGGRIS SMA KELAS 12


1.                    Using expressions of greeting, introducing, parting
2.                   Using expressions of happiness
3.                   Using expressions of sympathy and showing affection
4.                   Using expressions of making, accepting, and declining an invitation
5.                   Using expressions of making and cancelling an appointment
6.                   Congratulating and complementing
7.                   Expressing gratitude

1.                    Using expressions of giving and asking for opinion
2.                   Using expressions of satisfaction and dissatisfaction
3.                   Using expressions of giving advice and warning
4.                   Using expressions of requests
5.                   Using expressions of relief, pain, and pleasure
6.                   Expressing the meaning in a public speaking context as a MC
7.                   Expressing the meaning in a public speaking context as a news reader
8.                   Expressing the meaning in a public speaking context as a show presenter
9.                   Using expressions of attitude (giving opinion, agreement and disagreement)
10.               Using expressions of love
11.                  Using expressions of sadness
12.                Using expressions of anger, embarrassment and annoyance
13.                Performing a song
14.                Performing drama

1.                    Using expressions of making suggestions, requests and instructions
2.                   Using expressions of blaming and accusing
3.                   Using expressions of making a promise, swearing and deterrence
4.                   Using curious expressions
5.                   Using expressions of possibilities and showing attitudes
6.                   Using expressions of persuading, encouraging, and hoping
7.                   Using expressions of criticizing and deterring
8.                   Using expressions of regret
9.                   Using expressions of asking plans, purposes, and intentions

Semoga untuk kedepan, berbagai materi expressions di atas bisa disajikan secara lebih detail dengan menyertakan cara penggunaannya dan contoh dialog bahasa Inggris yang berkaitan. 

Jika ada perbedaan materi speaking bahasa Inggris SMA di atas, mohon dikoreksi...

Analytical Exposition


Inti dari text/genre berbentuk Analytical Exposition adalah teks yang memaparkan / berisi ajakan pada pembaca atau pendengar bahwa ada masalah yang tentunya perlu mendapat perhatian. Misalnya, pentingnya belajar bahasa Inggris, pentingnya perpustakaan,dsb.

Istilah- istilah penting yang perlu diketahui dalam Analitycal Exposition Genre :

Ø Generic human & non human participant: yang diceritakan bersifat umum/general (bias apa saja) yang penting bias mempengaruhi audience
Ø Relational Process : disebut juga dengan istilah “Linking Verb” (Kata Kerja penghubung) yang berguna untuk menghubungkan subjek dengan pelengkap ( sbg subject.
Ø Causal Conjunction : Konjungsi / kata penghubung yang menerangkan sebab/ asal muasal suatu kejadian, contohnya: because, because of, since, for.
Ø Internal conjunction :


An analytical exposition text is designed to persuade the reader or listener that something in case or to analyse or explain.
Social Function/ Communication Approach/ Purpose :
Ø to persuade by presenting arguments
Ø to analyse or explain

Generic Structure / Text Organization :

1. Thesis 

v Position : Introduces topic and indicates writer’s position.
v Preview :  Outlines the main arguments to be presented.

2. Arguments Point

v Point : restate main arguments outlined in preview.
v Elaboration : develops and supports each point/argument

3. Reiteration : Restates writer’s  position

Language Features:

Ø Focus on generic human and non human participant
Ø Use of Relational Process
Ø Use of  Internal Conjunction to state argument such as: firstly, however, on the other hand, therefore
Ø Use compound and complex sentences
Ø Use Causal Conjunction
Ø Use of present tense.

 1. Text Modelling
Read the following text carefully

Do you know if you are too fat, you may have serious problems with your health? A group of doctors wrote a report about some of the effects of too much fat.
One important effect is on the heart. If you are fat, your heart has to work harder. This may lead to a heart attack; or it may lead to other heart problem.
In addition, extra fat can also change the amount of sugar in your blood. This can cause serious disease such as diabetes.

Furthermore high blood pressure is another possible 
result of being fat.
More studies are needed about all these problems but one thing is clear, extra fat may make your life shorter.

Read the following text carefully.

The Important of English Language 
I personally think that English is the world’s most important language. Why do I say  that ?

Firstly, English is an International language. It is spoken by many people all over the world, either as a first or second language. 
Secondly, English is also the key to opens doors to scientific and technical knowledge which is needed for the economic and politics development of many countries in the world.
Thirdly, English is a top requirement of those seeking jobs. Applicants who master either active or passive English are more favourable than those who don’t.
From the facts above, it is obvious that everybody needs to learn English to greet the global era. 

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